Dungrin 'The Whispering Dwarf'

A handsome young dwarf of who leans upon a weathered driftwood staff. He has beard and hair the colour of dark seaweed and twinkling eyes of emerald


Male Half-Dragon Dwarf Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple
Rank: n/a
Able Hand


A dour and quiet Dwarf, Dungrin isn’t so much unfriendly as he is uncaring. He seems to have no real place in the ship’s social hierarchy, bouncing from group to group not out of skill but more through apparent lack of it. The truth is that Dungrin was involved in a most profitable gambling scam with Crab Maglimbenry, a notorious (pretend) blind gnome rogue who operates out of the Formidably Maid in Port Blacksand, when he let his guard slip by inviting pirates into the scam. He woke up on the Wormwood and, although initially he hated his situation, he now sees a considerable profit can be made from it by being everyone’s friend. Secrets, he is sure, are worth money aboard the Wormwood.

During the mutiny on board the Man’s Promise , Dungrin sided with Plugg initially as the First Mate seemed to have the upper hand. As the tide turned, so did Dungrin’s loyalty. He was attacked by Grindylow boarders before he could declare his intentions though, and now finds himself bundled into the same unpaid group as Scourge, Fipps and Syl.

Dungrin went missing when the Magnificent Bastard docked in Drakeclaw, but was smart enough not to tell anyone he would not be signing back on. He has not been seen since.

Dungrin 'The Whispering Dwarf'

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