Crimson 'Cog' Cogward

A scowling man wearing a blue scarf tight around his head. Cog is a loner and mainly keeps to himself. He wears a silver ring bearing the symbol of Wee Jas


Male Human Ranger/Rogue
Rank: Boatswain
Able Hand


Crimson Cogward (so called after the color his neck turns when he’s angry) is a loner, and prone to incredible rages and dark moods. He wears a blue scarf tied tight around his shaven head to hide the scar left when his ear when bitten off in a bar fight. Cog gets pleasure from little other than combat and is quick to get into fistfights, whether because of a chance remark or simple bad luck. A devout follower of Wee Jas, Cog prays regularly (particularly after combat) and participates in all Great Wheel religious festivals if possible. Cog actually volunteered to join the crew of the Wormwood. He spent his first few days aboard
stealing and secreting away goods for barter.

Since meeting Gian aboard the Wormwood , Cog has become increasingly infatuated with her. Used to treating women as little more than meat and certainly not worthy of his respect, Cog has found it difficult to think the same way of Gian.

After the mutiny aboard the Man’s Promise , Cog was given the role as Boatswain thanks to his impressive service in combat during the mutiny and the intimidating manner which comes so naturally to him. Cog knows that its really because he beat Titus and Kaheed in a fist fight and the ingrates are shit-scared of him but he’s not bothered. When asked to select a mate, Gian was a natural choice- allowing the two to spend more time together and keeping her safe where he can see her.

Cog loves dark tales and will sit and listen to little else before punching the speaker (notable exceptions are religious text or anything spoken by Gian).

Crimson 'Cog' Cogward

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