Chakka Eagleseye


Male Human (Liel) Druid
Rank: Sailing Master
Able Hand


Skilled archer and hunter from the plains of southern Salamon.

After being ‘rescued’ from Dagon’s Palp along with fellow shipwrecked adventurers Molly, Garrett and Hannah, then quite quickly afterwards press-ganged on to the Wormwood , Chakka has made peace with his situation.

Although the company of pirates isn’t his ideal choice, he finds that not all the crew are bad, particularly getting on with Mameha, Kaheed, Giffer and his old friends Hannah and Garrett.

Since the mutiny on board the Man’s Promise, Chakka has been given the position of Sailing Master, a move which surprised him. He has taken to the job well, enjoying the time spent with the open breeze in his hair and the blue ocean around him.

Chakka Eagleseye

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