"Book Keeper"

A non-descript man of unclear descent...


The Book Keeper is a well known figure in and around the Draconic Coast town of Drakeclaw. He stands at about 6" and has a toned but slender build. However, his movements betray his martial training and natural grace.

He is well spoken and betrays almost no accent, speaking equally well in all the local trading languages. His dress is well fitted and well made but not ostentatious.


The Book Keeper is the alias of Maximillian Vorenus. Originally from Kondar he was exiled following a series of scandals involving prominent Capitavirate figures, more specifically their daughters and the theft of sensitive secrets. Maximillian was a mercenary who stole information and sold it on to interested parties. When he was cornered by a Avocati investigator he fled the country, winding up in Alaris.

It was in Alaris he learned the arts of the Hashasim, part assassin, part martial artist. The master who taught him had long ago corrupted the original teachings of the Hashasim and employed its focus of infiltration and application of lethal force for well paid murder. Maximillian continues this tradition.

Preferring to use stealth, poison and razor sharp knives than frontal assaults, Maxmillian, under his alias, is a silent, lethal professional assassin available for hire to anyone who asks and can pay his fees. No-one alive today knows his true name or where he learned his deadly skills.

"Book Keeper"

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