Avimar Sorrinash

The infamous werewolf Pirate Lord of Ollo respects strength in his pack-like following and will tear apart any who get in his way, even his own.


Sorrinash is Capatain on the Blood Moon. A despicable, violent and uncaring man. Untamed and unforgiving his vicious pack of lycanthrope crew celebrate their shore leave hunting and terrorising the wilds of Shark Island and those foolish or brave enough to visit. If you’re lucky enough to survive the cruel hunt there is always a Sahaguin raid waiting just around the bay. Well known to strike with Avimar’s personal consent the town has been left some what of a derelict wasteland where only the strongest can survive and only the lowest live out their days.

Only the darkest and most forbidable establishments spring up about the docks, those able to enter into dark packs with the Wolf Lord himself or the local Sahaguin are often spared the fate of the rest of the lands. Sorrinash’s brutal taking of Ollo gained him his seat in the Pirate Council and he is the most bloodthirsty on the seas.


Whilst Sorrinash is somewhat honourable in upholding pacts it is best not to turn your back on him or indeed show any kind of weakness; even the strongest of Captains have been known to flinch at his snarling manner and those who do never live to tell the tale.

Avimar Sorrinash

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