An attractive young witch who is fast on her feet. Her gull familiar 'Tobias' surveys the horizon unless he has his beady eye on the crew.


Athelinda boarded the Magnificent Bastard in Drakeclaw in the hopes that it would bring her closer to an old flame for whom she bears a burning vendetta. She is stark in conveying her thoughts and feelings and appears cold to the men aboard. She sees any reliance on men as a weakness and has vowed to cut down her previous love and free captain of the Shackles.

Ath is exceptional skilled at stealth and escape techniques and has limited knowledge on the seas. Swathed in blacks fabric and leather she collects strange and lucid liquids in small vials on her belt and her well crafted silver blade is the resting spot for any idle hand.

Very few have seen her at work but she is devistatingly charming when she needs to be and could persuade any man to achieve her darkest desires.


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