Antonio Barucco

A Salamon pirate on the worse side of thirty. His beard and temples are flecked with grey and his expression portrays a weariness borne of years on the wrong side of the law


Male Human Pirate
Vessel Arcadia
Role: Captain


Barucco is a close confidante of Captain Pegsworthy and one of the main lieutenants of his pirate fleet.

Barucco commands the vessel Arcadia , an old merchantman from the Salamon dockyards re-fitted with cannon decks and smuggling compartments. She is relatively slow, but tough and well armed like Barucco himself.

He favours blackpowder weapons alongside the more traditional cutlass as armaments when in combat.

Barucco was aided by the crew of the Magnificent Bastard during a raid on an Urnst fort on Promise Isle in the Dark Ocean.

Antonio Barucco

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