This satyr has dark fur covering his lean body. His curling horns and hoofed feet are at odds with his glittering eyes and pleasant baritone voice


Male Satyr
Fey Wendo


Angala is a Wendo spirit who dwells on Mgange Cove. He is fond of leading unwary townsfolk out of their homes in the dead of night to revel in his bacchae, lusty parties which can quickly become orgies of wine, dancing, sex and eventually death if they get out of hand.

Angala is served by a court of dryads, twigjacks, animals and charmed humanoids from Mgange Cove’s villages, particularly Abrafo and Ninatokea.

Angala had a run-in with the crew of the Magnificent Bastard after they encountered him in the jungles of the island.


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