Ambellina Van Helgen

A beautiful young girl with long blonde locks and glittering green eyes. She walks and talks with elegant grace and an air of naivety


Female Human Aristocrat


Ambellina Van Helgen (nee Smythee) is the daughter of Agasta Smythee and ‘Iron’ Bert Smythee. Her father was killed by the pirate Captain Barnabas Harrigan, leaving her mother alone to raise Ambellina and her brother, Timothy on Windward Isle.

Recent events have brought Ambellina to Mgange Cove in search of a way to rid her home of the usurper Geldur Vendikon.

After their crew helped to rid Windward Isle of Baron Vendikon’s rebellion, Ambellina was wed to Captain Edward Van Helgen of the Magnificent Bastard. Lady Smythee later stepped down, allowing the Van Helgens to take control over the island and it’s holdings.

Ambellina Van Helgen

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