Lady Agasta Smythee

Once a rare beauty, this middle aged noblewoman still retains her handsome, if rough-edged appearance. Her years have given her a commanding presence and a razor-sharp tongue


Female Middle-aged Human Aristocrat/Warrior


A competent and formidable figure, the widow of the late ‘Iron’ Bert Smythee still holds herself with the poise and grace of a well brought up noblewoman. She descends from one of the first noble families of Kondar who settled Salamon and the surrounding lands including parts of the Shackles.

Since the death of her husband at the hands of the brutal pirate Captain Barnabas Harrigan, Lady Smythee has been left in control of the last of Iron Bert’s holdings- Tidewater Rock on Windward Isle.

Unfortunately for Lady Smythee, more misfortune has visited her. The scheming Geldur Vendikon has usurped her position as mistress of the rock and exiled her and her family from Tidewater Rock. Lady Smythee, along with her son, Timothy and daughter, Ambellina and under the protection of her loyal retainer, Royster McCleagh have come to Mgange Cove to beseech the local Pirate Lord, Femi Ekua for aid in reclaiming her home.

Lady Agasta Smythee

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