Adamaris Perfundere

An Ealdine wench who has taken to the seas in pursuit of better pay and an ocean of freedom and adventure.


An attractive woman whose shadow of a previous life as a dockside prostitute still lingers. She dresses extremely provocatively and is particularly forward with details of her night time exploits aboard the Magnificent Bastard. She obviously enjoys the company of men and feels there is no shame in sharing it.


As a young girl she often dreamt of leaving her home in pursuit of the wide world but never plucked up the courage, instead working in the confines of a dockside brothel. “Fate has a funny way of delivering your dreams with a kick in the teeth…” she often muses refering to the story of how she was kicked out by her mistress after recreationally sleeping with high profile clients. Destitute and shamed she stumbled through the dockside until she came across the recruiting ships.

Adamaris’ brash and crude nature does not sit well with Mameha in particular her ‘flaunt it’ approach to exposing her body with her piece-meal clothes and ‘pirate chic’ accessories. Several of the officers’ conservative dress have fallen foul of Adamaris’ insults, but given the source they are seldom acknowledged.

Adamaris is somewhat of a pantomime character; worth a laugh for her ditsy actions, unflattering inabitions and crude chat up lines. She also gives some ‘relief’ to the pent up male members aboard.

Adamaris Perfundere

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