Acilian Bayvacari

Pirate, scoundrel and Halfing


Male Halfling Rogue/Dread Pirate/Favoured Soul


Originating from Eáldîm, Acilian Bayvacari was once the terror of the seas from Rosaia to Alaris to Yelnihas and Tir. Scourge of shipping lanes and master of evasion he was caught many times but was never kept in a brig or prison for long. A master seaman like most Halflings in Orithia, he has a keen eye for the sea and naval battles, a fact not often realised by his crew as his overly aggressive tactics often mean he gets through ships and crew faster than outfits.

When he lost his last ship back in 2526 he signed up for the Iron Fist mercenaries who were hired to secure the region of Tor Acarne so that the Capitavirate could colonize it. Here, he met the other founding members of the The Gentlemen of Fortune and went on to explore the new region of Darkfell, discovering Menephene and Salamonis in their travels.

During adventures with The Gents, Acilian managed to overcome his evil desires and escaped the grip of a Demon lord’s mind control with the help of Chiquotl Silverdrake and Rufus Stormgarde and is now a ‘reformed villain’ however the dark stain of evil is permanently scarred onto his face in the form of a twisting spiral of black ink around his right eye which Acilian pretends is a tattoo. In reality the ink spreads and grows with every evil act he commits and shrinks when he acts out of altruism. Therefore he keeps it hidden under a wide brimmed hat, long hair or a bandanna whenever he is in the company of The Gents.

More recently he ‘acquired’ a new ship in the form of a stolen Capitavirate ship-of-the-line and recruited a new crew from the city of Port Blacksand. He and The Gents helped to free Salamonis from the grip of the Capitavirate and the extra-planar Inevitables. Acilian is now under the employment of the Government of Salamon as (self titled) Admiral of the ‘Fleet’ which means he leads his stolen ship, the Dark Maiden’s Dance along with a few of the more ‘legitimate’ Free Captains of Port Blacksand in the defence of Salamon’s coastline as privateers.

Acilian Bayvacari

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