Orithia- Skull & Shackles

Session Sixteen

The Weddings of Windward Isle

After successfully cracking the rock, the PCs and crew of the Magnificent Bastard enjoyed some much needed shore leave on the idyllic Windward Isle. In particular the multiple planned weddings gripped the attention of everyone on the Isle.

Lady Agasta Smythee and Jasper the Still: As reward for helping to retake the island from Capitavirate control, Jasper was offered Lady Smythee’s hand in marriage (also helping to secure the Lady’s political control over the island). As a wedding dowry, Jasper was presented with the Iron Shirt of Lady Smythee’s late first husband, Bert Smythee.

Lady Ambelina Smythee and Captain Edward Van Helgen: As reward for helping to retake the island from Capitavirate control, Edward was offered the hand of Lady Smythee’s beautiful daughter, Ambelina. As a wedding dowry, Edward and Ambelina were presented with deeds to the Drollinger Estate on Windward Isle.

Captain Mameha Eikou and Lord Timothy Smythee: This wedding did not actually go ahead despite much whispered interest amongst the people of Windward Isle. Lord Smythee and his fiancée are rumoured to be discussing the exact date and nature of their wedding. As a gift, Captain Eikou was presented with a Farglass by Lady Smythee.

Samms Toppin and Titus Stern : Another wedding which was much talked about by the crew of the Bastard, the Master Gunner and his Rigger fiancée did not tie the knot as expected during the group ceremony. They are rumoured to be planning a date in the near future.

Gian Tanesini and Cog: Although not officially married, the _Bastard_’s Boatwain andBoatswain’s Mate were rumoured to be adding ther celebrations to the day. We will have to wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

The weddings of the two Smythee women went ahead, with the crew of the Bastard sent to the other side of the island where they were allowed to hold ‘celebrations’ of their own far away from the civilised ceremonies taking place at the quaint Smythee estate on the eastern shore of Windward Isle.

Unfortunately the day was not without incident. After the ceremonies, an eerie bank of fog rolled off the coast. As the guests were busy enjoying the festivities, cannon shots rang out from through the fog and hell was unleashed upon the Smythee estate. Out of the fog, under the covering fire of large cannon came four rowboats full of pirates accompanied by a score of vicious Sahuagin! At their head were three figures, one familar; ex-Wormwood Swab Dungrin and two others less familiar; the tattooed Captain Isabella ‘Inkskin’ Locke and a flying Harpy Monk.

It appeared the mystery behind the Sahuagin attacks was about to be solved.

harpy.pngBattle was joined, the PCs leaping into the fray in an attempt to defend their allies despite not being in full combat gear. They held the advantage though; uphill and in cover against their enemies’ uphill sprint from the surf. Edward and his new wife provided a thunderous ranged support from the manor’s windows while the others took up positions behind flipped tables and stalls. Kaheed and the Harpy went toe-to-toe and fist-to-fist and Titus fired up at Dungrin who flew around on green draconic wings unleashing magical support. Captain Locke wielded magic of her own; lightning bolts and summoned monsters.

The battle looked undecided; Kaheed had managed to best the Harpy; pummelling her into the ground while blocking many Sahuaginattacks but the entire group was taking injuries and a number of civilians had been killed. At that point, the unnatural fog parted, revealing a sleek lateen-sailed junk offshore; the source of the continued cannonade and the sailors’ boats. Jasper knew what he had to do.

Using a scroll of dimension door, Jasper ran and disappeared. Mere seconds later, the others wondering where he had gone a momentous explosion rocked the beach and sent several people sprawling. When the dust cleared, the Thresher was no more, but unfortunately neither was Jasper. Thresher.jpg

The surprise allowed the defenders of the beach to gain a momentary upper hand and began to repel the pirates and their aquatic allies back towards the water. With the loss of their ship, the pirates’ morale sank and those that weren’t cut down fleeing surrendered including Captain Locke. Dungrin managed to escape using an invisibility spell. The Sahuagin were all executed but the humanoid pirates who surrendered were spared, and taken to the cells under Tidewater Rock.

The battle was over but not without loss. Jasper was dead along with several other party-goers.

Interrogating Captian Locke later, the PCs uncovered the truth behind the Sahuagin attacks. The Sahuagin were allies of Captain Locke; she was raised by the creatures after her previous ship was scuttled near the Sahuagin lair. Locke and her allies were forced to attack the PCs by none-other than Free Captain Barnabas Harrigan, who threatened to destroy their home if they did not agree. Apparently Harrigan discovered the truth behind the mutiny aboard the Man’s Promise and wanted revenge. He was unable to attend personally so sent Locke in his stead.

Seemingly believing her story, Captain Eikou spared the lives of Locke and her crew for now while their next steps were considered.

The crew now have some downtime to recover from a hectic few months, bury Jasper and their other allies and prepare for their next challenge- for surely Captain Harrigan will not rest until he has his vengeance and Dungrin escaped alive no doubt to inform the man of the events on Windward Isle…..



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